Crown versus George Robert Green, 21 January 2015

David Scott’s report of the proceedings yesterday, 21st Jan 2015 at Aberdeen Sheriff Court:

Crown versus George Robert Green Sheriff William Taylor presiding

Court 3, a small courtroom seating around 20 in the public gallery, was packed as Roberts trial got underway at 10:00 am; the corridor outside the court was also full of Robert’s supporters.

Mr Mackintosh representing Robert confirmed an amended plea of guilty to a modified complaint deleting references to the word “emails”. The Fiscal confirmed that the plea is acceptable to the Crown.

Robert’s trial will go ahead 21st January

At an ‘interim diet’ hearing on Tuesday 13th at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, the new Sheriff appointed to Robert’s case, Sheriff Taylor confirmed that his Trial on breaches of a Non-Harassment Order will go ahead on Wednesday 21st January at the Sheriff Court, as previously directed by Sheriff Fleetwood last summer.

I happened to meet up with Robert yesterday at the Child Sexual Abuse ‘White Flowers’ ceremony outside Parliament & meeting inside Parliament The WhiteFlowers Campaign <>  – some 400 people packed into the largest Committee Room, the Gladstone Room, all very concerned to know what is to happen next regarding the UK’s aborted National Inquiry into CSA? The 15 or so speakers between them could give no clear answers…

Treatment of Anti-Child-Abuse campaigners in Scotland

Correspondence raising concerns over the current treatment of Anti-Child-Abuse campaigners in Scotland has been sent Sunday to Lord President Gill and to the Prime Minister, David Cameron and copied to a substantial list.

The letters detail respectively

1. Concerns over the unsafe conviction and continued prosecution of Robert Green, campaigner for justice for Hollie Greig

2. Concerns over the misrepresentation of facts surrounding the Hollie Greig Child Sexual Abuse case by the Crown Office in Scotland.

Bail – no change…

…for the reason that Sheriff Fleetwood who’s been in charge of the case thus far announced he was standing down at this point. He didn’t exactly recuse himself but explained that as he is on the same ‘list’ of Sheriffs charged to cover a particular justicial area as Sheriff Buchanan, there could therefore be a conflict of interests. Again, Sheriff Fleetwood didn’t actually spell out Buchanan’s connection to the case but as we all know Buchanan is one of those named by Hollie as a former abuser.

Robert in Court Aberdeen Monday 15 December

Monday 15th December at the Sheriff Court Aberdeen (6 minutes’ walk from train & bus stations, top end of Union Street) was originally to be only an ‘Intermediate Review’ pending the trial proper on 21st January 2015 and as such Robert did not need attend it, indeed he would have been happy to avoid yet another costly journey to Aberdeen…

Tomorrow’s proceedings will however double as a renewed application for his stringent bail conditions to be lifted and he will therefore be attending in person. It goes without saying he would be delighted to see any friends who don’t live too far away who might manage to get to Aberdeen to support him but there is absolutely no pressure on anyone to be there; it will only be a very short hearing, this is very short notice, it’s wintertime and cold, people are very busy before Christmas, etc.

Scotland to have a CSA Inquiry too? (2)

Yet another apology, to Lorna this time, for failing to get your call-to-action onto the blog in time but I trust some in the network received it via you and did as requested by writing to the Minister Mike Russell MSP ahead of his statement yesterday – have you, Neil or David had any reply to your own emails?

Frankly it would have been a miracle if the Minister had included Hollie in his address but we must keep battering away at him between now and Christmas. IT IS VITAL THAT LARGE NUMBERS PARTICIPATE IN THIS EXERCISE – here thanks to Lorna are our marching orders!

Scotland to have a CSA Inquiry too?

[Again, apologies to David and all for being slow off the mark in relaying these important exchanges to the blog, due to my having been abroad in past few days, would anyone like to volunteer as a co-webmaster to prevent these lapses??! Help please!!]

News from Scottish Labour

For immediate release.

Justice for Survivors of Child Abuse

Scottish Labour’s Spokesperson for Justice, Graeme Pearson, has called for justice for the survivors of Child Abuse in Scotland, saying:

“Theresa May has apologised this week to survivors for resignations relating to her Public Inquiry into historical child abuse.

The Scottish Justice System

This BBC documentary came out in March and somehow or other we missed posting it at the time but it’s a must-view! It focusses on the chronic corruption in the Scottish justice system and features in particular a veteran of Hollie’s cause, Stuart Usher – it was thanks to Stuart and his ‘Scotland Against Crooked Lawyers’ group that Robert first heard about Hollie and became involved in campaigning on her behalf.

Apologies for previously inserting wrong link – here’s the right one: