Scottish stamps with-a-difference

When Robert sent me a couple of these stamps the other day, then I got the one with SWCBN on an envelope from Rusty I thought it must be some kind of a joke or hoax! But on researching further, the stamps do seem to be genuinely part of the ‘Glorious Scotland’ Smiler series, although they haven’t yet appeared on the official ‘calendar’ for new issues beyond 2007…

It would be lovely to think these emotive-for-us stamps are being held in readiness/reserve for some appropriate issue date in the not-too-far distant future?


It is now getting on for 4 weeks since Robert first reported feeling unwell to the Perth prison authorities towards the end of March, although the symptoms had been coming on for a while before that.

It then took A WHOLE WEEK for the prison to organise a doctor to come and see him which happened on 4th April. She ascertained his blood pressure was abnormally high, 206 over 145, took blood & urine samples and carried out an ECG.

“Now’s the day and now’s the hour”


Robert’s blood pressure is now around 188 over 104 not what I wrote last night which would have been more or less normal but his is certainly not back to normal. Also I’m advised by a medical friend that angina is still a condition giving rise to concern as it can lead to the more serious conditions.

So in our letter-writing we must still present Robert as not in good health quite part from being unjustly incarcerated. Here are contact details for the prominent  people Robert has advised we write to in the push to get him out of prison – but this is not just for him of course, it’s for Anne and Hollie and the whole cause:

Keep up the letter-writing please!

The doctor visited Robert again yesterday and told him he is suffering from angina which as we know is unpleasant but not as serious as he feared and some medication has been prescribed which will ease the symptoms.

When a supporter visited him in the evening he was visibly more relaxed and even very slightly sleepy for once; he said his blood pressure has started to go down (145 over 105) from which the supporter construed he’s feeling very relieved.


A supporter who is well-placed to gauge the ’official mood’ writes:

From what I’ve heard the Scottish authorities are currently feeling under a lot of pressure from the letter writing campaign in support of Robert Green.

They have grossly underestimated the strength of support which Robert has and have even also been receiving letters/E-mails from Robert’s supporters outside the UK (eg. in the Irish Republic).

If we can sharply increase the volume of letters/E-Mails to the Scottish authorities in support of Robert within the next week or so we could very soon see a breakthrough.

Compassionate grounds for early release

UPDATE Wednesday 9th April (note there are now amendments/updates all through the original article posted on 5th April which I accidentally wiped when updated on 6th April (now restored) + updates to 6th April update, so please glance through again from bottom up):

After an enjoyable as always but not quite reassuring phone-call yesterday evening from Robert I’ve been tossing and turning in the night – could Salmond & Co actually be out to kill this man? Are there Orders from the top not to treat him?? Bearing in mind it’s taken over a week from Robert first reporting symptoms to actually being seen by a doctor and still yesterday evening he hadn’t had the results from the ECG, blood & urine tests done on Friday 4th so effectively remains in medical limbo…

Please write to Rusty too!

Robert has by now received some 130 birthday cards, not to mention his full daily postbag ever since he arrived in HMP Perth over 6 weeks ago – great, keep it up!

It’s a way of showing the Scottish authorities that locking Robert away is no solution to the perennial problem of Hollie’s campaign for justice which is still live, despite the combined efforts of the Aberdeen & Shropshire authorities plus a little help from GCHQ? M15? Levy & McRae? Scottish Media Group? etc. to quosh it. Not only does it not go away but this kind of treatment meted out to key protagonists immediately revives it and rekindles interest in it. From that point of view therefore it would surely be better if Robert were back at home pending trial rather than being a “legend” or “hero” in Perth prison. Indeed his solicitor is currently working on a renewed bail application in the hopes that reason will finally prevail in high places.

Happy Perth-day

(Updated Friday 28th March)

Unfortunately I was unable to get up to either Aberdeen yesterday morning or Perth yesterday afternoon as planned after all so was very relieved that Robert had 2 visitors at 7 pm (which would have been a bit late for me anyway – there is no afternoon visiting at HMP Perth on either Thursday or Friday this week).

The visitors found Robert in very good spirits having received 112 birthday cards! so Robert says a HUGE THANK YOU provisionally to everyone – of course he will do his best to acknowledge them all but even Robert might find that hard going, apart from anything that would require 112 stamps, some for overseas…

9 months for Rusty

As will surprise few by now, Tim ‘Rusty’ Rustige of Altrincham in Greater Manchester was sentenced this morning at Aberdeen Sheriff Court to 9 months’ prison for allegedly harassing & [cyber] stalking the former Lord Advocate.

I say allegedly as I have no confidence by now in Grampian Police’s forensic capabilities and those who were palpably and patently keen to put Mr Rustige away have links to Grampian Police as is know historically and as they admitted to me in a face-to-face encounter with two of them on the street last month as well as one of them having links to others on Hollie’s list of alleged former abusers…