2016 – The End of the World?

There’s a certain grace in accepting defeat.


That’s something that the internet hasn’t quite got a grasp of yet.

In the wake of, what is being dubbed as, ‘the worst year ever’ – millions of drama-thirsty Millennials are gleefully revelling in the tragedy of a dozen high-profile celebrity deaths, two shock results in major referendums and a raft of terrorist attacks.

Are their eagerly posted opinions valid? Has this truly been a year to forget? Or has the proliferation of social networks, post-truth news and internet-speak simply created a homogenised vision of society – understood to be the gospel by the millions of gaping fools, who are too lazy to form their own opinions?

Let’s Not Write-Off 2016 So Soon.

Here are a few things that happened this year to be happy about:

The Music Has Been Stellar

Yes, we lost great legends in David Bowie and Leonard Cohen; but they both went out with a bang, delivering their sharpest records for years.


The People Have Been Heard

The results of the elections this year may well have disastrous implications for the future of our societies, but the people have spoken. The masses are unhappy and the political establishment has paid for it.


We’re All Still Here

If you’re reading this now, that means you’re alive. Congratulations. This has been a violent year overseas – be glad that you’re not a part of those struggles.


Social Networks Are Your Comfort Blanket

The problems and issues that are raging amongst the world are not your problem. The Great British Bake-Off is your world. Pizza is life. Your Insta and Snap accounts mean the world to you.


 Nights Out Are Still Fun

Thank God you’re still young and the world’s problems aren’t yours to solve. All you need to find is some booze and someone to go home with at the end of the night. That’s all you need to be happy.


Why worry about how the past year has been, when there are so many years left to come? Enjoy your life, lose yourself in drink, pop culture and social media. That’s as good as it’s going to get anyway.

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