4 Modern Day Artists That Rule Supreme

Kanye West

Any conversation about Modern Day artists begins and ends with this man. He’s been an award-winning musician, a laughing stock and a stage invader. Most importantly he’s sold 21 million albums and over 60 million digital singles. Those figures don’t lie.
kanye meme
Couple this commercial success with his groundbreaking work in the world of social media and it’s not hard to see why Yeezus has been at the forefront of the Art Scene for the last 5 years. His inspired self-promotional coups include: marrying celebrity and fellow artiste Kim Kardashian, creating a video game based on his departed Mother’s ascension to Heaven and publicly humiliating Taylor Swift.


A relative newcomer to the world of Art, PewDiePie represents the current generation of enterprising millennials. Using YouTube as a platform, he has popularised the ‘Let’s Play’ format – injecting it with his own brand of offbeat humour and lacing it with his Euro-Americanisms.

With over 47 million subscribers and over 13 billion views, this Swedish 26 year old looks like he’s just about ready to take over the world. With ads and sponsors loading his pockets with internet-money, PewDiePie is taking the next step towards conquering the next growing trend in entertainment: prime time television broadcasting.

Tyrese GibsonTyrese-Green-Lantern-

It might be hard to believe that one of the biggest Hollywood actors on social media is Tyrese Gibson. Whilst he may not have sold as any records as our man Kanye, he’s got over 30 million followers that have put his name in the hat for roles  he would never usually be associated with.
For self-promotion alone, Tyrese makes it on to this list. A shining beacon of hope to every would be Modern Artist. He has proven that even a modicum of talent or good looks aren’t necessary to achieve in the world of Art – all you need to do is keep your Facebook followers happy and the rest will come.

Justin Bieber

One of the very first YouTube stars, the Bieb-Master-General started out garnering popularity using the ‘Suprisingly Good Method’. Simply spend a long time honing naturally gifted musical talents, then present your extraordinary skills to an audience who is completely unaware of your training.

A crafty salesman at heart, Bieber knew if he grew up and developed abdominal muscles, he would be able to appeal to a wider demographic, who could more readily afford his concerts and merchandise. So within the space of what felt like weeks, he aged 5 years and became the teenage heart throb that we all know and love today.

In case you forgot:

Any conversation about Modern Day artists begins and ends with this man.

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