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  1. Ideas for Improvement

    I am a friend who wishes to help, but I am not presently in a position to do so. I can only offer some timely advice with three pointers to help strengthen your campaign and broaden your base of supporters.

    1. Rape is a heinous crime, but murder is the worst crime of all. It is impossible for Roy Greig to have killed himself; a person cannot break his own bones and then set fire to himself in a car. Accident also being ruled out, it is 100 percent certain he was murdered. Yet, at present you seem to refer to the murder merely as support in Hollie’s case. It would help your campaign to highlight the murder of Roy Greig first and foremost, seeking justice for him at least as strenously, if not more, as for Hollie.
    2. Try to consistently use specific language about the crimes that have been committed. Avoid the overuse of the word “pedophilia”. This word is vaguely defined and nowadays amounts to not much more than name-calling, people are desensitised to it. Instead, use words and phrases such as “murder”, “rape”, “child molestation”, “abuse of trust”, “abuse of position”, “judicial corruption”, etc. In this way you will make your argument more concrete and persuasive.
    3. If you seek to bring the corruption of Scotland’s justice system to light, it will help your cause to also highlight the case of Stephen Gough. He is an English oddball who refuses to get dressed, and is paying for this “crime” with indefinite detention in a Scottish jail. It would serve you well to expose the hypocrisy of a system that allows real criminals to get off virtually scot-free (forgive the pun), whilst persecuting a harmless “naked rambler” with years upon years of imprisonment. If you do highlight Stephen Gough’s case, you will also be showing that you are generally not motivated by prudish zealotry of some sort, but are sincere in addressing injustice in Scotland.

    If you act on this advice and incorporate it in your future postings and activities, other beneficial things will happen further down the road, you will attract support from unexpected corners.

    Either way, I wish you all the very best with your campaign.

  2. Hollie Demands Justice Free Robert green worldwide protest

    Robert green is well respected and well loved by all his supporters and poor hollie grieg and her mum is still fighting the legal system in scotland we urge all robert green supporters to attend a worldwide peaceful protest on march 6th in edinburgh 10 am at the holyrood house we are also in trafalgar square london stormont castle belfast and welsh assembly cardiff please if you can attend please do this is a free robert green and raising awareness of all forms of child abuse world wide 38 countries are taking part further details please google one voice for the kids dot org dot uk
    http://www.onevoiceforthekids.org.uk Andrew 01507 477 433

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