Brief relief but no release for Rusty – more action please!

Can we have another phone-in to Scottish Prison Service this week please? Chief Executive Colin McConnell  0131 244 8747.  Apparently a supporter was misinformed by Barlinnie Deputy Governor re. the alphabetical order for tag-release, other factors do apparently play a part. All the more reason to push those other factors in Rusty’s case – age (65), health (poor), offence (minor – alleged/non-proven harassment of a Scottish high-up over her blank disregard for child protection) behaviour inside (sure to be good, Rusty’s one of the most deeply moral men on the planet – 30 years’ campaigner for ‘Prisoners of Conscience’ against notorious regimes – ironic now HE’s inside, what does that say about Scotland, the regime he’s currently challenging?! but perhaps don’t belabour that to the SPS, might not render them that sympathetic to Rusty…just end at “‘Prisoners of Conscience’ campaigner himself turned ’Prisoner of Conscience’ in Scotland” and leave it there…

Open letter to CEO of Scottish Prison Service

Colin McConnell

Chief Executive

Scottish Prison Service

Calton House

5 Redheughs Rigg

Edinburgh EH12 9HW

                                                                                                                                                         10th June 2014

 Dear Mr McConnell

OPEN LETTER re.Timothy Rustige PN 134031, HMP Barlinnie

This is to request your personal intervention in securing the tag-release of the above prisoner from HMP Barlinnie, to which he was transferred following the recent riot at HMP Grampian at Peterhead.

According to the tag-release process started while Mr Rustige was still at Peterhead he was ‘low-risk’ and due to be released on 3rd June which of course hasn’t happened under the circumstances.

From Rusty 4th June

to a supporter:

Well, Wednesday 4th June  -  70 dats served and 68 to go.  We are on the downhill side of this prison term, finally.  As to my previous premature and wholly naïve optimism when the ‘A’ Hall governor came personally to my cell with concerns over my health and conditions and stalled release, he did state that he was going directly to the home detention curfew office (here in HMP Barlinnie) to check up on my tag-release processing and said he “would get back to me, if not later, then tomorrow”.  Tomorrow was yesterday, and no word.  Obviously Governor speak with forked tongue.

69 days still to go behind bars for Rusty? Unacceptable!

UPDATE 5th JUNE: Letter from Rusty to a supporter (posted 4th)

He writes “Another 68 days to go, unless Divine Providence places a hand and I get a tag release.  Enough campaign supporters hammering that protest factor home just ‘might’ produce a favourable result.  I dunno, just get a gut feeling that my tag release is being blocked by ‘dark forces’ when others that came into HMP Grampian after me  -  end of March  -  and were transferred here at the same time (14/5/14) have their tag releases being processed already.  Yet this simple expedient is denied me.”  As you say, ‘time for us to show numbers matter’.

2 letters from Rusty & a letter to Rusty’s MP

Excerpts from Rusty’s latest to G – once again our letter-writing appears to be having an effect! Thanks all!

31st May 

Had a video link ‘visit’ (cyber-variety) from S…. yesterday afternoon relating the antics of Robert’s trial hearing at Aberdeen Sheriff Court.  He relates that Robert’s trial is now set for late June  (I’m sure I’ll be brought up-to-date with the full details in the coming week) and mentioned the sheriff cautioning the trio of broomstick merchants over harassing Robert outside the court.  [They were threatened with contempt of court charges, this is not the first time and the fact that they had also been harassing supporters, to the extent that one actually lodged a formal complaint at the police-station was also noted. Trial is 16th July, interim diet 27th June]

A ‘Pre-trial Debate’

2014 Aberdeen RG & BM 30 May

(Apologies for delay posting – beginnings of report dictated Friday to 3rd party on failing mobile who emailed it to FRG webmaster but FRG W-M was/is away/absent…)

It’s going to take me another decade at least to get my head around legal procedures in Scotland.

2 Open Letters to Mr MacAskill

Dear Mr MacAskill,

I attended your 28th April public meeting in Perth concerning the proposal that Scotland should be an independent nation state. I attempted to ask a question regarding the importance of the rule of law, and the imperative that law should be blind to wealth, status and power. You refused to listen to my question and cut me off well before I could finish. The reason for this was clearly my reference to the Hollie Greig case. 

Concern about Rusty

A concerned supporter has just sent this SOS re. Rusty to Paul & me:

I expect you will both have heard from Rusty.  I am feeling really anxious about him, re blood pressure, possibility of a second stroke.  There is no excuse for the way he is being treated.  It would be wrong even if he had committed a crime.

I received four letters this morning, written between 23rd and 26th May, and, just in case you don’t know this already, he asks for the following information to be put on line on your websites:-