MacAskill snubs abuse survivors? Of course!

No surprises in this story (also in the Daily Record Scotland a couple of days back) for followers of this campaign which is for those standing up to get justice for Hollie not to have their freedoms curtailed by the Scottish state and to secure justice for abuse survivor Hollie in order to protect other potential victims from the callous perverts who tormented her throughout her childhood.

Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill appears not to be coping very well with the whole issue of institutional child abuse now it is inevitably bubbling up in Scotland, having already claimed headlines down south for weeks during spring-summer 2014…

Peter Watson quits Levy & McRae

So far we could only find a tweet from The Firm but hopefully we’ll hear more this week as to why Peter Watson, Senior Partner at Levy & McRae Solicitors Glasgow has quit the firm – did he jump or was he pushed, that’s the question.

Professor Watson aka ‘the uncrowned king of Scotland’ (Robert) or ‘Rasputin of the Glens’ (Rusty) seems to be Scotland’s top ‘fixer’ when it comes to covering up organised paedophilia. It was Watson who orchestrated the former Lord Advocate’s gagging of the press and media in regard to her involvement in Hollie’s issues in 2009 and it has gone on from there. Both Robert and Rusty have every reason to attribute their rough ride at the hands of the Scottish so-called justice system to this one man whose firm appears to represent the entire establishment of Scotland, media, politicians, fellow-lawyers, leading business people etc.

Robert’s MP demands an apology from MacAskill – Warrington Guardian

For reasons which can only be guessed at, having been no help to his beleaguered constituent while he was locked up in HMP Perth earlier this year, Robert’s MP David Mowat (Warrington South) has suddenly weighed in against MacAskill for his ill-fated remarks concerning Robert’s incarceration at the public meeting in Perth in May. Better late than never Mr Mowat! but of course we’re grateful and agog to see how the ‘Justice Directorate’ responds!

It’s not the best moment for these somewhat embarrassing revelations – for now, mainly the Warrington public are privy to this story but what if the Scottish voting public, having recently heard Salmond fluting to Darling about the ‘just society’ that an independent Scotland under his leadership will deliver catches a whiff of something distinctly ‘un-just’ going on at the Directorate?

The ‘Justice Directorate’ responds to a letter!

This suddenly arrived today from a Ronnie Fraser in Kenny MacAskill’s office aka ‘Justice Directorate’ and the recipient Gillian S has already responded! Here are both letters:

Justice Directorate

Criminal Law and Licensing Division

St Andrew’s House

Regent Road


Dear Ms Swanson,

Thank you for your letter dated 22 June 2014 addressed to the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny6 MacAskill MSP, regarding comments made on the Hollie Greig case at a public meeting in Perth of 28 April 2014.  Your letter has been passed to the Criminal Law and Licensing Division and I have been asked to reply.

Rusty de-tagged

We’re delighted to hear that Rusty’s tag was removed this evening at 7.15 – congrats Rusty on being properly ‘free’ at last and well-endured, especially the second stint in HMP Barlinnie which sounded grim to say the least. It’s been very helpful for campaigning purposes to have been able to inform the public that not just one but two brave men have been locked up in Scotland this year in the effort to expose non-investigated child-abuse, also thanks to you we were treated to that memorable, Verdi-esque performance by the key witness on Day 1 of your trial, SWCBN, in which she, tragic heroine of the piece and innocent as the driven snow recounted at length how she had been terrorised by that sinister figure Robert Green as well as ceaselessly hounded by you/your cyber-colleagues (none of whose shadowy identities were by any means satisfactorily proven to have any connection to you and one can well imagine all kinds of parties joining in with gusto). As for Hollie’s allegations, they had been “thoroughly investigated” and had been found to be totally without substance! And she even came out with the admission at long last that yes, she had indeed used public money to protect her reputation but had been told by the Crown not to reveal the fact “until matters were concluded” and that this expenditure had been deemed necessary for the purpose of protecting her august office.

Robert says Thank you

A tiny vid of Robert published today thanking everyone for our continued support. He seems relaxed and cheerful and ever so slightly plumper than when I last saw him in early June – good!

It must be continuously remembered however that Robert is anything but free. Summer holiday? Weekend by the sea? Forget it, he has to check in every evening at the local police station and he can’t even go online!  Even Sheriff Fleetwood when considering the matter of bail for the fourth time referred to the conditions put forward by Robert’s solicitor Gerry Sweeney as ‘draconian’, hence saw no option but to concede to them and grant bail at long last.

Open Letters to Kenny MacAskill, Justice Secretary, 28th July

Thanks to Lorna, Juliet, Gillian (apologies, added after this was first posted) and David for these latest letters. At this stage surely it would be appropriate as well as courteous for the Justice Secretary at least to send an acknowledgement of all these serious letters, given that the issue of child-abuse and cover-ups thereof is currently of such widespread concern up and down the country. Could he not delegate the task to an assistant, at the very least?

Dear Mr MacAskill, 


May I say how disappointed I am not to have received a reply to either of my letters to you, dated 28th May and 28th June 2014. 

3rd Open Letter to Kenny MacAskill Day coming up – 28th July

Quick reminder that the next Open Letter to MacAskill Day is nearly upon us – Monday 28th July. We’ve produced some fantastic letters so far (published May 28th & June 28th) but please don’t be intimidated by the standard – the main impact down the line will be from the sheer numbers of the letters as they mount up and the range of viewpoints & opinion on what has to be the most shocking catalogue of injustice/injustices to come out of Scotland in recent times, yet to date completely ignored by the SNP government and in particular its legal representative, the so-called Justice Secretary who hasn’t responded to a single one of our letters to date.

Another Open Letter to Alex Salmond…

This one’s a bit long and wordy but I like it as it is fuelled by passion – I know the writer who supported Robert at Stonehaven in 2012 as well as helping to get Robert out of Perth prison in May 2014. Thanks Gary for continuing to stand up for this cause, so very happy to publish your letter to Salmond – for as long as Salmond dodges the issue of child-abuse/child protection in Scotland his independence campaign has nowhere to go or to run as this is the most prominent issue of 2014 in what still remains the UK

From Aberdeen Sheriff Court today

Court 1 Aberdeen Sheriff Court

10:15 am,  Wednesday 16th July

Today Sheriff Fleetwood ruled that the proceedings against Robert were competent and relevant (subject to evidential proof at trial).

A preliminary diet (hearing) is scheduled for 15th December 2014 (changed from the original date of 24th Dec). This will be a 90 minute affair and Robert’s attendance is excused.

The Trial is set for 21st January 2015., 10:00am

The bail conditions remain in place