Another Open Letter to Alex Salmond…

This one’s a bit long and wordy but I like it as it is fuelled by passion – I know the writer who supported Robert at Stonehaven in 2012 as well as helping to get Robert out of Perth prison in May 2014. Thanks Gary for continuing to stand up for this cause, so very happy to publish your letter to Salmond – for as long as Salmond dodges the issue of child-abuse/child protection in Scotland his independence campaign has nowhere to go or to run as this is the most prominent issue of 2014 in what still remains the UK

From Aberdeen Sheriff Court today

Court 1 Aberdeen Sheriff Court

10:15 am,  Wednesday 16th July

Today Sheriff Fleetwood ruled that the proceedings against Robert were competent and relevant (subject to evidential proof at trial).

A preliminary diet (hearing) is scheduled for 15th December 2014 (changed from the original date of 24th Dec). This will be a 90 minute affair and Robert’s attendance is excused.

The Trial is set for 21st January 2015., 10:00am

The bail conditions remain in place


Open Letter to Frank Mulholland QC

Although both Robert and Rusty are technically ‘free’, both are still on licence with restrictions on their freedom to move around or speak and write freely and in Robert’s case he cannot even go online!

Hopefully these restrictions will be lifted when Robert’s case comes to trial at Aberdeen Sheriff Court next week, 16th July.

Our business with the Scottish authorities is by no means concluded, the campaign for justice and for freedom to speak out in Scotland about matters of strong public concern goes on, hence this blog will continue.

Thanks to Gillian for this timely challenge to the present Lord Advocate, with yet another broadside at the Justice Secretary.

“Best news yet” from Rusty – t.b. released Tuesday!

STOP PRESS – 3 of us got a PS of the back of the envelope (which I didn’t immediately spot) that he’s being released TOMORROW 4th JULY! Even more fantastic news - home for the weekend with Ren and brilliant weather to go with!!

Letter written Tuesday 1st July from Rusty

Best news yet albeit better late than never, my tag release has been granted and I’m due for release next Tuesday – 08/07/14 – apparently it takes a week (?) to facilitate release /travel schedules etc. – and arrange for G4S to come round to my home on arrival and fit the tag-technology’s answer to the old ball-and-chain.

4 new Open Letters to MacAskill 28 June

Dear Mr MacAskill

One month ago I wrote to you regarding your public statements made in Perth on 28th April regarding Hollie Greig and Robert Green. I have had no reply. From this I must conclude that I now have your tacit agreement that the summary I made of your position is accurate. I wish now to expand on the implications this has for your stewardship and oversight of the Scottish judicial system and for the future of our country as we approach the significant vote on 18th September.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court today

Aberdeen Sheriff Court

27th June 2014

10:30 am

Robert Green’s case was today continued until 16th July at the request of Gerry Sweeney acting though a local agent. The reason is that Sheriff Fleetwood has not yet ruled on the previous motions by Mr MacIntosh, Junior Counsel for Robert Green, regarding the competency and relevancy of the proceedings.

So we still don’t know

  1. Whether the Crown Office has been able to show that they have brought forward charges that are in fact relevant to the Non-Harassment Act

Open Letter to Alex Salmond

[Letter finally emailed to Mr Salmond via the SNP email messaging facility Friday 27th June at 10am, with a few amendments suggested by other supporters - thanks! One of you questioned the reference in the letter to "invisible puppet-masters pulling all our strings." Well, this is me writing the letter and this is how I view the world we're in, so sorry, that bit stays in. For me it is the only way to account for so many confusing and perplexing inconsistencies in our public life as well as in international relations, of which the continued presence in post of this seemingly widely unpopular leader, Alex Salmond at this epic moment in Scottish history is certainly one - or have we in this campaign allowed our own frustrations with Salmond, MacAskill & Co. to cloud our perceptions?]

Open Letter to CEO of Scottish Legal Aid Board

Dear Dr Montgomery,

Policy Issues raised by the case of Robert Green

I have previously written to your staff on the subject of the refusal by the Board to grant legal aid for senior counsel to Mr George Robert Green in his current fight against ill-defined charges of Breach of a Non-Harassment Order. I enclose copies of this earlier correspondence, which concern the detailed reasons why greater support would be appropriate, and the replies from your office. It is wider issues of policy and public confidence that I must now bring to your attention.