Robert says THANK YOU!!

[CORRECTION 'anonymous' not 'Anonymous']

Robert is immensely grateful to all those people who have sent him donations recently, especially to ‘anonymous’ donors who have been very generous.

He sends about 40 letters a week, all to help with the on-going Child Sex Abuse cases and cover ups. As these letters are important, they are sent with 1st class stamps, which, at 62p each means postage a week costs Robert a minimum of £24.80. Then he has to pay for photocopying and large envelopes and stationery.

Oh yes, and pay the bills, eat and keep warm!

Please help towards Robert’s travel-costs!

It is unthinkable that this brave and courageous man, who continues to fight for all victims has to struggle financially, and yet it is the case…

He writes countless letters and prints relevant articles to send MPs etc. and remember he  is still denied internet access.

To go to Glasgow next week to meet with his solicitor and Junior Counsel is going to leave him almost out of pocket.

We need to support him while he is still being punished by the Scottish authorities. He has used up all his money and only has his pension coming in.

David Scott on UK Column 25 September

and Gary writes to Nicola Sturgeon (email, 23 September):

Nicola Sturgeon MSP Deputy First Minister,

Dear Nicola,

I am writing once again to you in hope of response (previous below on related matter) on what I and many others consider as a matter of the utmost urgency, INSTITUTIONAL CHILD ABUSE, CHILD ABUSE IN GENERAL AND OF COURSE THE ALLEGATIONS OF SEXUAL AND RITUAL ABUSE MADE BY HOLLIE GREIG. WHICH ALL GO HAND IN HAND WITH FAILINGS OF THE SCOTTISH AUTHORITIES TO DO ANYTHING WHATSOEVER ABOUT THE ABUSE TAKING PLACE BUT ALSO THEIR DISGRACEFUL ATTEMPTS TO PUSH THEM ASIDE. We also have the persecution of those who seek to expose the abuse such as Tim Rustige and Robert Green who is still under virtual house arrest with no clear charge and no prospect of proper council.

Another letter to Nicola Sturgeon

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Deputy First Minister, T4.23, The Scottish Parliament,  EDINBURGH,  EH99  1SP

6 Styan Avenue, WHITLEY  BAY, TYNE & WEAR, NE26  2BD                                           Telephone:  (0191) 252 5524   e-mail:                           

23 September, 2014

Dear Ms Sturgeon,

Urgent need for an inquiry into child abuse in Scotland

No joy from Salmond, will Sturgeon respond to our issue?

(Struggling to avoid ‘fishy’ metaphors here but SNP leadership names don’t make it easy!)

Letter from Lorna (Perth) to SNP new leader designate Nicola Sturgeon:

21st September 2014 


Dear Ms Sturgeon,

Independence or not, there is still the opportunity for Scotland to show the rest of the World that it is a leading country. The subject of paedophilia in Scotland, both past and present, has never been so prominent in the media as it is now and needs full and urgent investigation. If you choose to take up the position of First Minister, can you assure the Scottish electorate that you would make this a matter of priority?

Now please say NO to paedophilia (2)

The ball appears to be in Nicola Sturgeon’s court – thanks to Rusty for setting it rolling. Hopefully others will give it/her a nudge too!

Tym ‘Rusty’ Rustige

22, Burlington Court,

Burlington Road,



WA14 1JT                                                                           19/09/2014

Dear Ms Sturgeon,

With the Scottish National Party political structure undergoing a radical sea change following the No vote Independence referendum defeat on the 18th inst and Alex Salmond announcing his intention to resign as First Minister and party leader in November, this set of circumstances places yourself as an odds-on favourite to succeed him as party leader and hence First Minister.

Now please say NO to paedophilia!

On the last day before the Referendum I decided to go campaigning in Scotland on Hollie Greig/anti-paedophilia issues, as part of my ‘Battle for Britain’s Children 2014’. If Scotland got independence it could prove considerably more difficult if not impossible for an English person to campaign on Scottish streets on an issue of such proven sensitivity. There was even a danger that if the worst came to the worst (as I saw it, anyway) by the end of this week Hollie’s quest for justice and everything that Anne and Robert Green and not forgetting Tim Rustige have put into that over many years could disappear altogether down the rabbit-hole of history. A prime opportunity to strike a body-blow at the confraternity that prey on children in these islands could be lost forever…

The Issue that could swing the referendum (3) – SNP says ‘NO’ to Inquiry into child abuse

A supporter recently contacted Blair McDougall of the Better Together campaign about this issue but has had no response. This is what she wrote:

5th September 2014

Dear Mr McDougall,

I wish to bring to your attention the total absence of an enquiry into child abuse in Scotland.

Today I have spoken at length with Callum Munro and James McMordie at Better Together. 

It is abundantly clear that few in Scotland are aware that the over-arching enquiry into child abuse established at Westminster in July does not include Scotland. Even the announcement today of Fiona Woolf to lead the enquiry has not made this fact any clearer.