Robert Green – Prisoner Number 125799

Prisoner 125799 is reported today to be in fine fettle, bearing up to the grim surroundings that he now finds himself in.

Please write, we are sure that he could do with all your support in first hand, as time does not always permit during the snatched 1 minute 20 seconds that he is allowed to speak with family members.


Robert Green No.125799

HMP Perth,

3 Edinburgh Road




01738 622293


More news as it arrives.


Please write his full name George Robert Green + the No. on all correspondence + envelope. Include a couple of stamps & paper and envelopes in your mailing and some people might risk sending a £5 but whatever you send, WRITE IN THE LETTER IT’S THERE as all mail is opened and it might get pinched!

OK, here’s my advise, speaking an an ex-Prison Officer, on how to ensure that the public’s letters get to an intended recipient in a UK Prison…

1.. The prisoner’s number must ALWAYS be clearly shown on the front of envelope – failure to do this will delay the letter getting to the prisoner (especially with a common name like Robert Green)

2.. The prisoner’s number must always be indicated on the first page of the actual letter (write it on all of them if you want)

3.. NUMBER EACH LETTER and NUMBER EACH ”PAGE” OF EACH LETTER. This prevents letters from being destroyed by vindictive prison staff. Your next letter should refer to the previous one, this ensures Robert received them all in the order you are sending them. For example: “Dear Robert, I trust you are keeping well and hope you liked the joke I made on the second page of my third letter, dated XX-XX-2012″. If Robert receives that as your FIRST letter, clearly his post is being interfered with unlawfully and he can raise that with the Independent Observers who monitor every day life in prisons.

4.. If you send Cash or Postal Orders, ensure that the serial numbers are clearly referred to in the letter itself: eg, “Dear Robert, I hope you will find the ten pounds cash that I’ve enclosed, comprised of of two five pound notes (enter each serial numbers here) useful”. This prevents the theft of the money by corrupt Prison staff or Civilian administration staff when the letters are opened before they are given to the prisoners in their cells.

5.. Always send the prisoner additional stamps and paper to save them spending what little money the prison pays them. If you want a reply (prisoners are under NO OBLIGATION to reply) then help Robert to do this by providing him a stamped-addressed-envelope.

6.. Do not send PENS – they will be denied. This is due to them being useful for smuggling drugs. All prisoners have access to plenty of pens inside prison.
7.. Photocopy all letters before you send them, in case they go missing.

8.. Do NOT refer to the alleged offenders or those involved in his unlawful incarceration in an offensive, insulting or provocative way. That is a CRIME and you could be arrested for doing that.

9.. Do not staple the sheets of paper together.

10.. SEND LETTERS REGULARLY! Even if you have nothing to say, just let Robert know you are thinking of him and talking to people about the injustice that is being done to him. Tell him that you can’t wait to see him walking the streets of England again very soon. If you are going on holiday, tell him! Let him know you’ll be thinking of him and will send him a postcard and some of your holiday snaps as soon as you get back. Don’t let him down, if you say you are going to do something DO IT! It can feel very lonely and isolated for someone of Robert’s intelligence and social background who is being punished for nothing more than providing a public service, especially if people hardly ever write to him. LETTERS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE, EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN SENDING MONEY!!! The more letters he receives, even if they are just silly jokes and nothing more, the more his spirits will be lifted and the other prisoners will see that Robert is clearly not your average man. They will want to know why he is inside. When the other prisoners hear the truth of the matter, Robert will experience a very strong level of physical protection from nearly all of the prisoners. This is because prisoners tend to hate paedophiles with a passion, which is why paedophiles and rapists are locked away separately… for their own safety. To leave a rapist or paedophile unlocked whilst other prisoners are unlocked is to sign their death warrant. Even Prison Officers, when they learn the truth and visit the website, will want to ensure Robert’s stay ‘at Her Majesty’s Convenience’ will be as comfortable as possible.

11.. Try not to refer to the negative aspects of the case, especially online bickering or references to those who hold ‘anti’ views as this can bring a person down quite quickly when they are inside. Be positive and up-beat all the time and keep him abreast of all positive developments, especially media coverage and campaign activity on the website, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The more Robert hears that people have not forgotten him and are trying to do all they can possibly do to help him, the better he will feel and the easier it will be for him to cope. Prisoners never get board of reading the same thing, and if it comes from 100 different people, all the better.